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BA/MBA Career Path Suggestions, Preparation, and Resources

BA/MBA Career Paths

The BA/MBA combined degree program prepares graduates for the same sorts of long-term careers as the normal Brandeis IBS MBA Program. Job placement following the MBA will, as always, also depend on the candidate’s experience before entering the MBA program at Brandeis IBS. The science background of BA/MBA-Science students will therefore be critical to their success in the MBA job market following graduation, as will the work experience of BA/MBA Liberal Arts students. For example:

  • We expect BA/MBA-Science graduates with Life Science backgrounds to be prepared for jobs in business development, marketing and sales, and product development in biotech and pharmaceutical firms; those with Computer Science backgrounds will likely target similar functions in the Information Technology industry. Other trajectories in science-based businesses are possible, of course, in materials science, engineering, and so on.
  • BA/MBA-Liberal Arts graduates will be best prepared for generalist jobs in consulting, finance, and business, depending, again, on their specific prior experience and on any special fields they pursued in their studies. BA/MBA-Liberal Arts students are strongly encouraged to pursue one or more of the Specializations at Brandeis IBS to differentiate themselves in the MBA job market.

The Hiatt Career Center is a great place for undergraduate students to explore career options. Information it offers online and in person can help in deciding if an MBA is the right next step, given your career interests. In particular, the “Vault Guides” series (available through Hiatt) has volumes on specific industries, such as the “Vault Guide to Biotech Careers.”