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MBA Program Curriculum, Core Courses, and Electives

Your Academic Experience

As an MBA student at Brandeis IBS, you will have the opportunity to customize your course plan and portfolio by working closely with faculty and advisors. To ensure you're on the fast-track to global business and leadership success, the MBA curriculum is:

  • Challenging, broadly applicable and considers all business topics – from corporate communication to data analysis – through a global lens
  • A range from global dexterity and transnational negotiations to corporate finance and the global economic environment
  • Continually updated to reflect the latest developments in global business and world affairs
  • Specialized to give you the technical training you need -- in the Bloomberg Lab and other “must-have” industry technologies


As a full-time student, you will earn your MBA degree in four (4) semesters – or approximately 21 months. Each academic year in the MBA program is divided into two semesters, each of which is about 13 weeks long. Because there's an extensive amount of information to cover -- whether through lectures, case discussions, team projects and more -- you will take at least four semester-long courses every semester. At no extra cost, you can elect to take five or more courses in some semesters.

During the summer between your first and second year, you'll likely work at an internship in your field or specialization or be involved in field projects that are important for developing you career options.

Course Plans  

Because of the range of options available to meet the requirements of the MBA Program, you will have the opportunity to discuss your individual course plan with a Program Advisor -- during Orientation and throughout the year. We encourage students to complete most core courses early; but you may elect to defer one or more core courses until later. 

Core Courses  

Fundamental areas covered in the core MBA curriculum at Brandeis IBS include:

  • Finance (2 courses)
  • Accounting (1 course)
  • Marketing (1 course)
  • Operations Management (1 course)
  • Organizational Behavior (1 course/2 modules)
  • Strategy (1 course)
  • Business Analytics (1 course/2 modules)
  • Economic Environment (1 course)
  • Management Communications (1/2 course)


The remainder of your courses will be electives that allow you to deepen your learning in specific areas. In each area, there are several courses from which to choose, covering theory as well as practical tools. Popular electives among MBA students address topics in the following broad fields:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Asset Management
  • Economics and Data Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Marketing and Strategy
  • Sustainability
  • Real Estate
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resource Management

The courses you select will give you the unique portfolio of knowledge and skills that will shape your professional career after Brandeis IBS. You also have the opportunity to complete a specialization through your choice of elective coursework. For example, if you seek a job in finance, it is often useful to have completed a specialization in Corporate Finance, Asset Management, or in related fields such as Real Estate or Risk Management.