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Strategy and Innovation Concentration

The MBA concentration in Strategy and Innovation is intended for careers in management consulting, corporate development and entrepreneurial ventures.

Concentration Requirements

The MBA Concentration in Strategy and Innovation requires the completion of 20 credits. These credits may also be counted toward fulfilment of other Concentrations or of the MBA core requirements. Excess credits in Foundation courses are counted toward the Electives requirement.

Foundation in Strategy (4 credits required)

BUS 276a Business Dynamics: Managing in a Complex World 
BUS/EC 265a Business and Economic Strategies in Emerging Markets

Foundation in Innovation (4 credits required)

BUS 231a Entrepreneurial Finances and Business Plans 
BUS 261a Managing Technology and Innovation 
FIN 240a Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance 

Elective Courses (12 credits required)

BUS 211f Analyzing Big Data I 
BUS 212a Analyzing Big Data II 
BUS 226f Managing Global Human Capital 
BUS 230a Entrepreneurship 
BUS 249f Immersion Experience 
BUS 254a Branding Strategy
BUS 262a Alliance, Acquisition, and Divestment Strategy 
BUS 269f Building Sustainable Business 
BUS 278f Corporate Governance: From Colossal Failures to Best Practices 
BUS 280f Operational Risk Management 
BUS 286a Applications of Systems Dynamics
BUS 291g Gen Ed. Seminar: Digital Fabrication with Robotics
BUS 292a (*) Consulting Field Projects in Marketing
BUS 295c (*) Field Projects: Consulting in Social Innovation Impact
ECON 207a Managerial Economics 
ECON 241a Antitrust Economics: Regulating Competition 
FIN 214a Managerial Accounting 
FIN 231f Private Equity 
FIN 232a Mergers and Acquisitions Analysis 
FIN 235a Investing in Energy: Fossil Fuels to Cleaner Energy 
FIN 247a Transfer Pricing Theory and Practice 
HS 244a Responsible Negotiation 
HS 257b Conflict Resolution by Negotiation
HS 270a Business Law and Ethics for Managers 
HS 518a Management of Health Care Organizations 
RPJM 113 Negotiating and Conflict Resolution

(*) Bus 292a and Bus 295c are Field Projects courses – only one can be counted toward this Concentration.