Brandeis International Business School

MBA Core Curriculum Topics for Transfer Credit

The Accelerated MBA program requires students with substantial work or managerial experience to have completed four semester-long courses (or equivalent) at the graduate or undergraduate level and earned a minimum grade of "B-" in each course. The courses must have been taken at an accredited institution within the past 10 years. The graduate coursework must be in business, economics or finance. Business-related coursework in the areas of law, public policy or STEM will be considered. The undergraduate coursework must be upper-level (intermediate or advanced), or cover the majority of the following content areas at the introductory level. Transfer credits will automatically be applied to the degree as elective credits. Accelerated MBA students will be required to submit syllabi for courses to be considered equivalent to specific core or concentration courses.


Economic Transactions and Financial Statements

Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Cash Flow Analysis

Adjustments and Non-recurring Entries

Accounting for Receivables

Inventory Valuation and Reporting

Non-current Assets

The Audit Report

Financial Statement Analysis

Time Value of Money

Bond Pricing and Debt Financing

Stockholders' Equity


Financial Statements Cash Flow Analysis

Time value of money

Discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation

Interest rates and bonds

Equity markets and stock valuation

Net present value

Risk & return

Capital allocation and portfolio selection

Capital Asset Pricing Model

Cost of capital, leverage and capital structure

Dividends and dividend policy



Industry Analysis

Porter's Five Forces

Competitor Analysis

Generic Strategies

International/Global Strategy

Scope of the firm and corporate strategy

Vertical and Horizontal integration

M&A Strategy

Organization and Leadership


Demand, Competition & Product Positioning

Market Research

International/Global Marketing

Buyer Behavior

Segmentation & Targeting

New Product Launch


PR and Promotions

Channels of Distribution

Strategic Marketing


Sales Management

Customer Relationship Management

Organizational Behavior

Behavior of Individuals

Personality/Individual Differences

Perception and Decision Making

Interpersonal Processes


Interpersonal Communication

Reaching Outside Your Comfort Zone

Behavior of Groups & Organizations

Organizational Culture

Leadership Style

Operations Management

Process Analysis

Process flow analysis

Flow time & capacity analysis

Inventory Management

Dealing with uncertainty

Optimal Service Levels

Process Evaluation and Re-design

Process Mapping

Linear Programming


A course beyond basic intro to economics

Sample Course Titles:

Intermediate Macroeconomics

Intermediate Microeconomics

Global Economy


A course beyond basic statistics

Sample Course Titles:


Big Data

Business Analytics

Marketing Research

Financial Modeling