Brandeis International Business School

Our core courses provide the basis for business analytics, and our elective courses offer a grounding in the application of business analytics to marketing, finance or business dynamics.
Core Courses
  • Programming for Business Analytics (Fall)

  • Applied Econometrics (Fall)

  • Big Data I (Fall Module)

  • Information Visualization (Fall Module)

  • Accounting and Financial Analysis (Fall) OR Intermediate Financial Accounting (Fall)

  • Big Data II (Summer)

  • Consulting Project in Business Analytics (Summer)

Sample Elective Courses
  • Marketing Analytics (Spring)

  • Forecasting in Economics and Finance (Spring)

  • Business Dynamics (Fall)

  • Machine Learning course (TB designed) (Spring)

  • Computer Simulation & Risk Analysis (Fall)

  • Applications of System Dynamics (Spring)

  • Digital Marketing (Fall)

  • Social Media & Analytics (Fall)

  • Supply Chain Analytics (Spring)

  • Marketing Research (Fall)

  • Advanced Econometrics I (Spring)

  • Internship in Business Analytics (2 credits) (Fall and Spring)

  • Corporate Financial Modeling (Fall and Spring)

  • Portfolio Financial Modeling (Fall and Spring)