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MSF Student Life: Leadership Opportunities, Clubs, and More

Student Experience

From the moment you begin your MSF studies, the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Experience at Brandeis IBS will be ready to help you learn more about and gain access to resources for:

  • Selecting courses
  • Finding housing
  • Taking part in social and career networking events
  • Handling academic, career, or personal issues
  • Assisting students with resources for mobility, visual, hearing, medical, psychological, or learning disabilities 

Clubs and Competitions

MSF students are active participants and visible leaders on the Brandeis IBS campus. You’ll be invited to participate alongside your MSF classmates, as well as students from other Brandeis IBS programs, in clubs and competitions including:

  • The Association for Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting (ALPFA)
  • Global Market Investments Club (GMIC)
  • CFA Institute Equity Research Challenge
  • National case competitions

Campus Work Opportunities

If you are not already working full-time, you may be able to find part-time employment on the Brandeis IBS campus during your MSF studies. Available campus jobs may include:

  • Teaching assistant (typically offered to students who have been in the MSF program for at least 1 semester)
  • Research assistant (typically offered to students who have been in the MSF program for at least 1 semester)
  • Staff assistant in a Brandeis IBS office (such as Development, Career Strategies, and Office of Academic Affairs and Student Experience)

Leadership Fellows

As an incoming MSF student, you will be part of a small group supported by a dedicated Brandeis IBS Leadership Fellow – a second-year Brandeis IBS student who will be available throughout your first year to:

  • Help you find housing
  • Help you set up a local bank account, phone/Internet/cable service, and other logistical matters
  • Invite you to dinners and other social gatherings, both on campus and in the Waltham and Boston areas
  • Share tips for good study habits
  • Provide insights into internship and job searches

Alumni Mentors

Graduates of the MSF program who are now working in Boston, New York, and other top financial hubs serve as mentors to current students. These alumni can help guide you throughout your job search and interview process – as well as provide you with tailored advice and best practices for working and succeeding in specific careers.