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Requirements for the Asset Management Specialization


To earn the specialization in Asset Management, students are required to take a minimum of five semester equivalent courses (20 credits) over the course of two years. All students who choose to specialize in a finance area are also expected to take the core finance course requirements.

The courses and modules listed below can apply to completing the specialization. Course schedules and descriptions are shown in the program catalog and program guides.

Group 1: Foundations (8 credits required)

FIN 261a Fixed Income Securities (4 credits)
FIN 263a International Portfolio Management (4 credits)

Group 2: Core Electives (8 credits required)

FIN 230a Trading and Exchanges (4 credits)
FIN 233f Relative Value of Securities (2 credits)
FIN 237f Security Analysis (2 credits)
FIN 270a Options and Derivatives (4 credits)

Group 3: Additional Electives (4 credits required)

ECON 232f Country Risk Analysis (2 credits)
FIN 231f Private Equity (2 credits)
FIN 232a Mergers and Acquisitions (4 credits)
FIN 236f Technical Analysis (2 credits)
FIN 242f Credit Risk Analysis I (2 credits)
FIN 244f Credit Risk Analysis II (2 credits)
FIN 252f Banking, Central Banking and the International Financial System
(2 credits)
FIN 258a Introduction to Quantitative Finance (4 credits)
FIN 264f Applied Institutional Portfolio Management (2 credits)
FIN 271a Options and Derivatives II (4 credits)
FIN 285a Computer Simulations and Risk Assessment (4 credits)