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Business Economics: The Analysis Behind Decision-Making

Business economists provide the rigorous analysis required for decision-making in all major aspects of business activity. This diverse specialization gives students the foundation for careers in a variety of related fields, including:

  • traditional corporate economics (working within a large firm to provide careful economic analysis and statistically-based forecasts relating to decisions on pricing, procurement, long-term investment, and other matters)

  • labor economics (collaborating with unions and other workers’ groups)

  • consulting (tackling any of a wide range of topics, including bank regulatory compliance, risk management, statistical sampling, federal tax and nontax policy, state and local tax policy, surveys, and litigation support.)

An option for MA and MBA students.

Careers in Business Economics

Explore careers in business economics, companies recruiting Brandeis IBS students, and profiles of our alumni working in the fields of central banking, government, consulting and finance.

Faculty Specializing in Business Economics

From the current Chief Economist for the Organisation for the Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to a former research staff member on the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, you can be assured you’re learning business economics from some of the top professionals in the field


Learn more about the requirements for earning a specialization in business economics, including foundational courses and electives.