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Requirements for the Corporate Finance Specialization


All students are required to take the Group 1 and Group 2 courses which form the foundation of this specialization. The Transfer Pricing course is a required course (Group 3) for students specializing in the Transfer Pricing track. 

Please consult with your Program Advisor to determine a course plan that incorporates this specialization.

Group 1: Required Courses (4 credits)

FIN 217f Financial Modeling (2 credits)
FIN 248f Advanced Corporate Finance (2 credits)

Group 2: 4 credits required

FIN 213a Intermediate Financial Accounting (4 credits)
FIN 214a Managerial Accounting (4 credits)

Group 3: Required for Transfer Pricing track (4 credits)

FIN 247a Transfer Pricing Theory & Practice (4 credits)

Group 4: 8 credits required
(Students pursuing the Transfer Pricing track need only 4 credits from Group 4)

FIN 203f International Financial Management (2 credits)
FIN 216f Financial Statement Analysis (2 credits)
FIN 218f Financial Modeling II (2 credits)
FIN 231f Private Equity (2 credits)
FIN 232a     Mergers and Acquisitions (4 credits)
FIN 240a Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance (4 credits)
FIN 242f Credit Risk Analysis I (2 credits)
FIN 270a Options and Derivatives (4 credits)
FIN 288a Corporate Financial Engineering (4 credits)

Group 5: 4 credits required

BUS 278f     Corporate Governance (2 credits) 
ECON 213a  Applied Econometrics (4 credits)
ECON/FIN 250a Forecasting in Finance & Econometrics (4 credits)
FIN 223f Project Finance (2 credits)
FIN 241f Financial Planning and Control (2 credits)
FIN 244f Credit Risk Analysis II (2 credits)
FIN 252f Banking, Central Banking & Int'l Finance Systems (2 credits)