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Career Paths and Alumni Success Stories in Data Analytics

Career Paths in Data Analytics

This specialization would be particularly useful for students who are intrigued by the prospects of managing the intricacies of complex financial transactions. Employers who have recruited graduates that are adept in data analytics include EMC Corporation, IBM and Kronos.

Alumni profile for Ram Iyer, MBA '09

Excelling in the Global Marketplace

Ram Iyer, MBA '09

How did Ram Iyer, MBA '09 land a job at EMC? The Brandeis IBS alum talks about the knowledge and skills he acquired during his time earning his degree, and how they proved to be crucial in the workplace.

Jake Jolly Brandeis IBS Alumni

Economist, IHS Global Insight

Jacob Jolly, MA '11

"I strongly believe that the economics courses at Brandeis IBS provided me with the skill set, and most importantly the macroeconomic intuition, necessary to quickly analyze macro data and produce insightful economic reports."

Faculty Specializing in Data Analytics