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Data Analytics


Decisions in business, finance, and economic policy are increasingly driven by sophisticated data analysis. This analysis often calls for the crunching of “big” datasets from financial trading floors, credit card records, or web traffic. This specialization develops a combination of skills in quantitative methods and data management while also cultivating the abilities to apply these skills in the business, finance, and economics fields.

This specialization is not intended as a “stand-alone” tool-set. Ideally, it is integrated into the student’s training in a substantive domain, reflected in a concurrent focus on the foundational fields of business and economics.

Students must complete 20 credits at Brandeis IBS through the requirements listed below to earn the Data Analytics specialization.

An option for MA and MBA students.

Careers in Data Analytics

Careers in data analytics and data analysisExplore careers in data analytics, companies recruiting Brandeis IBS students, and profiles of our alumni working in financial institutions ranging from financial trading floors to credit card companies.


Learn more about the requirements for earning a specialization in data analytics, including foundational courses and electives.