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Requirements for the Data Analytics Specialization


20 credits are required for completion of this specialization. Please note special requirements by program in each of the groups.

Group 1: Foundational (12 credits required)

BUS 211f Analyzing Big Data I (2 credits, req'd for MBA students)        
BUS 212f Analyzing Big Data II (2 credits, req'd for MBA students)
BUS 253a Marketing Research: Design & Analysis (4 credits)
ECON 213a Applied Econometrics (4 credits, req'd for MA students)
ECON/FIN 250a Forecasting in Fin & Econ (4 credits)
ECON 261a Empirical Analysis of Trade Policy (4 credits)

Group 2: Electives (8 credits required)
MSF students must have at least 4 credits from finance courses with an asterisk (*) below:

BUS 274f Supply Chain Analytics (2 credits)
BUS 276a Business Dynamics (4 credits)
BUS 286a Applications of System Dynamics (4 credits)
ECON 299a* Master's Project (w/specialization approval only)
ECON 311a Advanced Econometrics (PhD level course) (4 credits)  
FIN 217f* Financial Modeling I (2 credits)
FIN 218f* Financial Modeling II (2 credits)
FIN 270a* Options & Derivatives (4 credits)
FIN 271a* Options & Derivatives II (4 credits)
FIN 280a* Financial Risk Management (4 credits)
FIN 285a* Computer Simulation & Risk Analysis (4 credits)
FIN 288a* Corporate Financial Engineering (4 credits)
  ALSO: Any course from Group 1 not taken to satisfy that requirement.