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International Economic Policy Analysis Career Paths

Career Paths in International Economic Policy Analysis

Brandeis IBS prides itself on preparing its students for the rigors of a globalized business world. Students who have acquired these requisite skills have proceeded to successful careers at such prestigious institutions as the African Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank.

"Brandeis IBS graduates come to the table with such a solid skill set. They jump in and contribute from day one." - Michelle Desaulniers, Global Talent Acquisition Manager for IHS Global Insight

An image of Nikolay Vassilev, MA '97

Former Bulgarian deputy prime minister on the European economic crisis

Nikolay Vassilev, MA '97

Former deputy prime minister of Bulgaria Nikolay Vassilev: ‘I owe my professional ideology to Brandeis IBS’

An image of Esteban Ferro, PhD '10

From soccer captain to the World Bank

Esteban Ferro, PhD '10

Esteban Ferro, PhD '10 shares how his work at the World Bank will help his native country, Ecuador.

Profile photo of Brandeis alumni Ewa Maria Nucinska, MA '11

A Fulbright scholar studying international finance and policy

Ewa Maria Nucinska, MA '11

“We work in teams on a daily basis and there’s this sense of mutual understanding and equality.”