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Requirements for International Economic Policy Analysis


Group 1: Foundational (2 credits required)

ECON 211f Foundations of Econometrics (2 credits)

Group 2: Advanced Econometrics (4 credits required)

ECON 212f Survey of Advanced Econometric Techniques (2 credits)
ECON 261a Empirical Analysis of Trade Policy (4 credits)
ECON/FIN 250a Forecasting in Finance & Economics: Time-series econometrics
(4 credits)

Group 3: Core Policy (8 credits required)

ECON 235a Central Banking (4 credits)
ECON 236a Managing Government Debt and Deficits (4 credits)
ECON 270a Economic Development Strategies (4 credits)             
ECON/FIN 256a Taming Financial Markets (4 credits)
FIN 253a Global Development Strategies (4 credits)

Group 4: Electives (at least 6 credits)

Any course from the selection below or from Groups 1-3 to fulfill other specialization requirements.

ECON 176a Households, Health & Hunger in Developing Countries (4 credits)
ECON 122b Economics of the Middle East (4 credits)
ECON 203f Advanced International Macroeconomics (2 credits)
ECON 205f Applied Business Cycle Analysis (2 credits)
BUS 228f Management Communication (2 credits)
ECON 217f Game Theory and Business Strategy (2 credits)
ECON 252f Economy of China (2 credits)
ECON 253a Asia, Center of the World Economy (4 credits)
ECON 262f Outsourcing and Off-Shoring (2 credits)
ECON 271a Agents of Development: Individuals, Households & Firms (4 credits)
ECON 277f Public Policy, Business Leadership & World Affairs (2 credits)
ECON 299a Master’s Project (4 credits)  
ECON 303a Advanced Macroeconomics (PhD level course) (4 credits)
ECON 360a International Trade Theory (PhD level course) (4 credits)
FIN 252f BankingCentral Banking and the International Financial System
(2 credits)