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Students working towards a specialization in Marketing review a set of strategies that help a business or organization understand and address the needs of its target market. These strategies, when used properly, help create and sustain value, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, fend off competition, and maximize long-term profitability. All businesses or organizations can benefit from effective marketing - regardless of the products or services they offer or the industry they are in.

The Marketing specialization equips students with valuable knowledge and skills for a marketing career while also creating a broader understanding of business.

The Marketing specialization is geared towards MA and MBA students, and can be completed with 4 semester-equivalent courses (16 credits).

Careers in Marketing

Explore careers in marketing, companies recruiting Brandeis IBS students, and profiles of our alumni working in the fields of product management, brand management, consulting, advertising, sales, market research analysis and more.


Learn more about the requirements for earning a specialization in marketing, including foundational courses and electives.

Marketing Agency

Students specializing in Marketing at Brandeis IBS have created a Marketing Forum to provide marketing resources, faculty insights, crowdsourcing and discussion panels to solve Marketing challenges.