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Requirements and Courses for the Marketing Specialization


This specialization requires 16 credits for completion.

BUS 252a Marketing Management is a required course that provides students with an excellent introduction to marketing, encompassing important principles and mix strategies. Students additionally choose from electives that prepare them for a variety of career tracks in marketing, relating to brand management, marketing consulting, marketing research, as well as Internet and marketing communications - both in-house and at agencies.

Please consult with your Program Advisor to determine a course plan that incorporates this specialization.

Group 1: 4 credits required

BUS 252a Marketing Management (4 credits)

Group 2: 12 credits required

BUS 250a Global Marketing (4 credits)
BUS 253a Marketing Research (unless counted for Quantitative Methods requirement) (4 credits)
BUS 254a Branding Strategy (4 credits)
BUS 255a Consumer Behavior (4 credits)
BUS 257f Social Media and Marketing Communications (2 credits)
BUS 258f Sales and Sales Management (2 credits)
BUS 259a Digital Marketing and Web Analytics (4 credits)