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Requirements and Courses for the Real Estate Specialization


Students must complete 16 credits at Brandeis IBS through the requirements listed below to earn the Specialization in Real Estate. MSF students must complete 20 credits.

Group 1. Credit Analysis ( 6 credits) 

BUS 235f Real Estate Fundamentals (2 credits)
FIN 216f Financial Statement Analysis (2 credits)
FIN 242f Credit Risk Analysis (2 credits)

Group 2.  International Real Estate (2 credits)

BUS 236f International Real Estate in Emerging Markets (2 credits)
BUS 237f International Real Estate in Mature Markets (2 credits)

Group 3.  Real Estate Electives (8 credits)

BUS 238f Real Estate Development (2 credits)
BUS 239f Sustainable Real Estate: Profiting from Green Building (2 credits)
BUS 295a Field Projects in Real Estate (4 credits)
FIN 225f Real Estate Finance (2 credits)
FIN 226f Real Estate Capital Markets (2 credits)
ALSO May also take the module in Group 2 not used to satisfy that requirement.

Group 4.  Required for MSF Students only - at least 4 credits of the following (if not used to fulfill requirements above)

FIN 203f International Financial Management (2 credits)
FIN 213a Intermediate Financial Accounting (4 credits)
FIN 214a Managerial Accounting (4 credits)
FIN 216f Financial Statement Analysis (2 credits)
FIN 230a Trading and Exchanges (4 credits)
FIN 261a Fixed Income Securities (4 credits)
FIN 263a International Portfolio Management (4 credits)
FIN 270a Options and Derivatives (4 credits)