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Risk Management: Modeling Operational and Market Risks


The Risk Management specialization encompasses the development and application of quantitative models to operational risks, as well as various market risks: commodity, interest rate, credit, currency and equity. This specialization also encompasses the more qualitative risk management approaches which reflect managerial and organizational responses to operational risks, corporate governance, and fraud detection, as well as reputation and strategy risk.

Students must take a minimum of 5 semester equivalent courses (20 credits) over the course of two years to earn the specialization in Risk Management. The requirements are structured to allow students to tailor their coursework in light of the two risk management frameworks. 

An option for MA, MBA and MSF students.

Careers in Risk Management

Explore careers in risk management, companies recruiting Brandeis IBS students, and profiles of our alumni working in the fields of financial services, managing currency, commodity and interest rate risks.

Faculty Specializing in Risk Management

From a founder and chief executive officer of a portfolio and risk management consulting firm to the former Executive Vice President of FleetBoston Financial, you can be assured you’re learning Risk Management from some of the top professionals in the field


Learn more about the requirements for earning a specialization in risk management, including foundational courses and electives.