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Requirements for the Sustainability Specialization


20 credits are required to complete this specialization. 

Please consult with your Program Advisor to determine a course plan that incorporates this specialization.

Group 1: Foundational (8 credits required)

BUS 269f

Building Sustainable Businesses (2 credits) (Students are encouraged, but not required, to take this course during the 2nd semester of their 1st year)

BUS 264f Business and the Environment (2 credits)
FIN 235a Investing in Energy (4 credits)

Group 2: 10 credits required

BUS 231a Entrepreneurial Finance & Business Plans (4 credits)
BUS 239f Sustainable Real Estate: Profiting from Green Building (2 credits)
BUS 261a Managing Technology & Innovation (4 credits)
BUS 265f Business Strategy in Emerging Markets (2 credits)
BUS 266f Business Relationships w/Gov'ts & NGOs (2 credits)
BUS 276a Business Dynamics: Managing in a Complex World (4 credits)
BUS 278f Corporate Governance (2 credits)
BUS 291g Energy Markets and Policies (1 credit)
ECON 270a Economic Development Strategies (4 credits)        

Group 3: Internship or Field Project (2 credits required)

Students are to pursue at least one field project or internship that will provide hands-on exposure to the field.

BUS 295f Field Project: Sustainable Business
This class is designed for students in this specialization but students can, also or instead, pursue a sustainability field project in a different course upon discussion with the instructors, such as:
BUS 286a Application of System Dynamics (4 credits)*
BUS 295a Field Project: Consulting (4 credits)*
BUS 295a Field Project: Real Estate (4 credits)*
BUS 297a Internship (2 credits for 1st internship, 1 credit each thereafter)*

Sustainability field projects outside of the course BUS 295f (Field Project: Sustainable Business) and internships must be approved by the Head of the Sustainability Specialization.