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Edward K. Gondwe, MA '06: Working for a brighter future in Africa

Edward Gondwe MA'06

What was it like to work for the African Development Bank?

"My work at the African Development Bank has offered an experience at the forefront of the campaign to bring economic development to the world," said Gondwe. "It is an organization that is one of the prime movers of the African continent's growth into a wealthier, more prosperous region..."

Why should students choose Brandeis IBS?

"You can learn from some of the most intelligent people in the field, and be a part of something very special. The exposure to different governments, civil societies, and cultures through opportunities to travel, and also the strong cooperation with other development banks, can give you knowledge very unique to these changing economic times. The Brandeis IBS education is wonderful preparation for a career in economics. It provides you with top-notch training in technical knowledge and the strong ability to think in this field. Anyone looking for adventure and a premier experience would do well at the business school and would prosper in a job similar to mine."

Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance
Class of 2006

African Development Bank

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