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Brandeis International Business School Alumni Spotlights

Olaf Unteroberdoerster, PhD

A PhD Trailblazer

Olaf Unteroberdoerster, PhD '98

Traveling and working with people from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa, Dr. Olaf Unteroberdoerster MS ’98, PhD ’98 has lived a life filled and enriched with memorable international experiences.

Sam Soltani, MSF '10 Alumni Profile

Businessman with Business Experience

Sam Soltani, MSF '10

As Chief Operating Officer, Sam Soltani, MSF ’10 is the sole member of BioSensics’ impressive management team who has actual business experience.

Alumni profile for Nils Tessier du Cros, MBA '11

#WorldReadyAlumni - Q&A with Nils Teissier du Cros

Nils Teissier du Cros, MBA 11

"Making a move into the startup world is a great learning experience in an incredibly rewarding industry."

Richard Peck, MSF '01 Alumni Profile

An Emerging Career

Richard Peck, MSF '00

“We were able to see living, breathing examples of what we were talking about in the classroom play out on a global stage."

Profile photo of Brandeis alumni Ewa Maria Nucinska, MA '11

A Fulbright scholar studying international finance and policy

Ewa Maria Nucinska, MA '11

“We work in teams on a daily basis and there’s this sense of mutual understanding and equality.”

Thomas Stretton, MBA '11 Global Green Alumni

Saving Earth One Business at a Time

Thomas Stretton, MBA '11

“I honestly think the world is at a crossroads, and I want to be part of the force that moves it in a positive direction.”

Image of Alexei Ponomarov, MBA '12

"Create Your Own Opportunities" - Advice for MBA Students

Alexei Ponomarov, MBA '12

Alexei Ponomarov, MBA '12 spent his childhood in Ukraine and Romania and completed an undergraduate degree in economic cybernetics before working at an international trade and brokerage firm in Bucharest. Brandeis IBS was the next step in his education toward a defined career path.

Sigridur Hardardottir, MA '10 Brandeis IBS Alumni

Sigridur Hardardottir, MA '10

Sigga Hardardottir shone at Brandeis IBS with her Do-Band project, using bracelets to inspire individuals to complete a task that they’d been putting off. She continued her success after graduating at Novo Nordisk, where she works as a Senior Project Manager of commercial activity.

David J. Williams, MBA '01 Alumni Profile

Career Takes Off at United Airlines and Boeing

David J Williams, MBA '01

Beginning as an intern at United Airlines, Williams progressed to the role of senior economist at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

Edward K Gondwe Brandeis IBS Alumni

Senior Governance Officer, African Development Bank

Edward K Gondwe, MA '06

"My work at the African Development Bank has offered an experience at the forefront of the campaign to bring economic development to the world."

More Alumni Spotlights  
Jake Jolly Brandeis IBS Alumni

Economist, IHS Global Insight

Jacob Jolly, MA '11

"I strongly believe that the economics courses at Brandeis IBS provided me with the skill set, and most importantly the macroeconomic intuition, necessary to quickly analyze macro data and produce insightful economic reports."

An image of alumni Gregory Benac, MA '03

The Link Between a Poker Table and Asset Management

Gregory Benac, MA '03

Gregory Benac, MA ’03 had only played in one live tournament before he decided to put his skills to the test in the World Poker Tour in Paris last March.

An image of Zala Ahmad MA ’12, Fulbright scholar, honored by the State Department for her efforts to improve primary and secondary education for young Afghan girls

Fulbright Scholar and State Department Guest of Honor

Zala Ahmad, MA '12

Zala Ahmad, MA ’12 was honored at the State Department for her efforts to improve primary and secondary education for young Afghan girls.

Alumni profile for Paul Walborsky

Making News Global and Social

Paul Walborsky, BA/MA '89

Paul Walborsky '88, MA '89 is chief executive of GigaOM, the Silicon Valley-based media company that has emerged as a highly influential voice in the world of business and technology.

Mauricio Gojman, Brandeis IBS Alumni

Equity Investor Rebelling Against Tradition

Mauricio Gojman, MA '01

"I love starting things," says Gojman. "I love creating and I rebel from the traditional corporate box—something I’m allergic to."

Yuki Hasegawa

Going Global with Goldman Sachs

Yuki Hasegawa, BA/MA '10

Yuki Hasegawa '09, MA ’10, a human resources analyst at Goldman Sachs, helps manage training and development programs for the investment bank’s most important asset: its talent.

Alumni profile for Ram Iyer, MBA '09

Excelling in the Global Marketplace

Ram Iyer, MBA '09

Following several years in managerial positions at EMC Corporation, Ram Iyer, MBA '09, now serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Operations at Liberty Mutual in Boston.

Wilifred Nonguierma

Gain Experience in Poverty Reduction at the African Development Bank

Wilfried Nonguierma, MA '11

"My experience at AfDB reinforced my desire to work for an institution that’s doing development work in Africa," says Nonguierma. "It didn’t matter how hard the workload was—people there were so committed."

Alumni profile for Sam Sam Sisakhti

Fashion and entrepreneurial success

Sam Sisakhti, MA '07

As the founder of UsTrendy, Sisakhti is giving customers a say in the style before they hit the production line.

Keeping up with a Busy Schedule

Daniel Goldsmith, MBA '06

“What’s great about Brandeis IBS is the emphasis on cross-cultural communication and working in different environments.”

Image of Myra Chaudhary BA/MA ‘10 and former MA Senator John Kerry

Blogging to Improve U.S.-Pakistani Relations

Myra Chaudhary, BA/MA '10

Myra Chaudhary, BA/MA ‘10 was a recipient of the Brandeis IBS American Leadership Award during her time at Brandeis IBS, a recognition of her outstanding potential for an international career.

Zenobia Moochhala

Brandeis IBS' role in an online entrepreneurial career

Zenobia Moochhala, MA '98

Previously named one of the BBJ's "40 under 40," Zenobia Moochhala, MA '98 is Co-Founder, VP and General Manager of U.S. Consumer Subscription Services at

Nabeela Alam, Phd '13

New faculty member at Grinnell College

Nabeela Alam, PhD '13

Primary Fields – Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy, Economic Development


From the Federal Reserve to the Classroom

Rawley Heimer, PhD '13

From the Federal Reserve to the Classroom

Eugene K, PhD '13

On staff at the Federal Communications Commission

Eugene Kiselev, PhD '13

Eugene, now based in Washington, DC, shares insights on his experience at Brandeis IBS and reflects back on how his time at the business school influenced his career path.

Satyam Panday
, PhD '13

On staff at Standard & Poor's

Satyam Panday, PhD '13

Satyam Panday examined the fields of labor economics, applied econometrics, and development and transition economics while at Brandeis IBS, focusing his dissertation on economic mobility. Satyam, now based in New York, NY, took time to reflect upon his experiences as a PhD student and their effect on his career.

Anna Guelzim

Game, Set, Match

Anna Guelzim, MBA '11

Guelzim cites Brandeis IBS as one of her most invaluable experiences in a path to professional success

Amy Kessler

Renowned pension expert Amy Kessler '89, MA '90, still uses the lessons learned at Brandeis International Business School

Amy Kessler, BA/MA '90

At Brandeis IBS, Amy Kessler did not learn all the answers. Instead, she graduated with even more valuable proficiencies: the expertise to ask relevant questions and the determination to probe until she discovers the ideal solution.

An image of Nikolay Vassilev, MA '97

Former Bulgarian deputy prime minister on the European economic crisis

Nikolay Vassilev, MA '97

Former deputy prime minister of Bulgaria Nikolay Vassilev: ‘I owe my professional ideology to Brandeis IBS’


The key to a successful career? Networking

Marshall Santoso, BA/MA '13

Now working at Boston Consulting Group, Santoso attributes his success to networking: “The key to looking for a job is to not worry about the job.”

An image of Jordan Fliegel, MBA '10

Bringing entrepreneurship into the sports world

Jordan Fliegel, MBA '10

‘Whether it’s sports or starting a company: it’s all in the execution.’

Split my taxi logo

Entrepreneur on a ride

David Zadok, MBA '12

How getting stuck at an airport drove David Zadok’s latest venture.

Mirza Amiri

From Kabul to Brandeis and back again

Mirza Amiri, MBA '09

Amiri champions his native Afghanistan’s "beauty, productivity, and its resilient and spirited people."

Bernardo Tannenbaum, MA '14

Eager to learn more about the fast emerging field of digital marketing, Bernardo decided to apply for a summer internship at inSegment Internet Marketing Company, located at Newton, MA.

Shuliang interned at ElmTree Funds, LLC

Shuliang Ni, MA '14

“During the summer, I did a 9-week internship at ElmTree Funds, LLC, a private equity real estate investment firm in the U.S. focused on commercial real estate net lease, sale-leaseback, and build-to-suit opportunities.

The best part of the job is that I don’t have set “day-to-day” responsibilities

Pia McCusker, MSF '00

"In 2008 alone, I had to visit clients in South Africa, Australia, UK, Spain, France, South Korea, and Slovenia."

Ezra Levine, MSF '11

"I am keenly interested in international capital markets, so a primary motivation was the diversification and the international exposure Brandeis IBS provides."

From India to the United States: a transformational MBA experience

Shweta Raisoni, MBA '13

“I wanted a place where I could hone my technology and marketing skills but more importantly, I wanted a school that gave me exposure to different cultures."

A Successful MBA Career: From India to Boston

Shekhar Pareek, MBA '12

“To be a successful product manager you need two things," says Pareek. "A global perspective and an eye toward innovation."

Global real estate program provides key to success at home

Gaohan "Zack" Zhang, MA '14

“Brandeis IBS gave me the courage and confidence to challenge myself because I knew no matter how hard things could get, I was not by myself."

Johanna Silverio '07, MA '08, MBA '11

Three Brandeis degrees for one accomplished alumna

Johanna Silverio, BA/MA '08, MBA '11

Among Brandeis alumni, Johanna Silverio has a rare distinction: she holds not one, not two, but three degrees from the University—including an MA and MBA from Brandeis International Business School (IBS).

Cecilia Maya

From Colombia to Boston and back again - making a global impact

Cecilia Maya, MA '00, PhD '04

Though Cecilia Maya grew up in Medellín, Colombia and attended college there, she always dreamed of going to graduate school overseas. “I wanted to study abroad because I wanted to live in a place with a different culture and surround myself with people from other countries,” she says.

Ebenezer Amoh, MA '13

"What I love about Brandeis is that it gives you the freedom to explore."

Ebenezer Amoh, MA '13

Ebenezer Amoh showed an early aptitude for finance in his hometown of Accra, Ghana - a skill that would lead him to Brandeis IBS and to jobs at Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Credit Suisse.

Vera Bondarenko, MBA '09

#WorldReadyWomen - MBA Alumna Spotlight

Vera Bondarenko, MBA '09

After receiving her MBA from Brandeis International Business School, Vera Bondarenko parlayed a successful summer internship with data storage giant EMC into a full-time job.

Nisha Sheth, MA '00

#WorldReadyWomen - MA Alumna Spotlight

Nisha Sheth, MA '00

Born in Chicago and raised in Western India, Nisha Sheth arrived at Brandeis IBS with dreams of one day gaining a foothold in corporate America. Today, she is a partner at PwC in New York City.

Kim Myers, MA '13

#WorldReadyWomen - MA Alumna Spotlight

Kim Myers, MA '13

At Brandeis IBS, Kim Myers was a Leadership Fellow, co-president of the Investment Club and a member of the winning team at the Boston CFA Institute Research Challenge. Today, she puts her financial skills to work at electronic trading company EBS BrokerTec.

Emily Rumanek, MA '07, MBA '09

"Do What You're Passionate About and Take Chances"

Emily Rumanek, MA '07, MBA '09

Emily Rumanek has established a career in pharmaceutical market research and currently works as an insights and analytics manager at ViiV Healthcare, a company specializing in marketing and manufacturing HIV treatments.

Pia Layon, MBA '10

"Having an Open Mind is the Way to Find the Right Opportunity"

Pia Layon, MBA '10

Pia Layon was looking for a global graduate program that would implement her quantitative skills in a new way when she arrived at Brandeis IBS. Since then, she’s worked in retail, digital marketing, real estate and finance.

Tim Neunzig, MA '11

"Find a Place of Personal Happiness at Your Job"

Tim Neunzig, MA '10

Tim Neunzig maximized his time at Brandeis IBS with study abroad programs and other activities that built skills needed for an exciting career. He now works on the growth marketing team at Facebook.

Werner de Merode, MBA '10

Brandeis IBS MBA Alumnus Spotlight

Werner de Merode, MBA '10

Werner de Merode spent his childhood making the world his home. He attended Brandeis IBS' MBA program to gain quantitative skills to advance his career, and after six years in financial roles at Staples, he recently began a new job at McKinsey & Company doing strategic planning and analysis.

Tiwonge Ghambi, MBA '11

Brandeis IBS MBA Alumna Spotlight

Tiwonge Ghambi, MBA '11

After working in accounting for several years, Tiwonge decided to focus her interest in corporate finance through the MBA program at Brandeis International Business School (IBS). She currently works at Open Society Foundations with the goal of utilizing her skills in finance to make the world a better place.

Mendsaikhan Dashjil, MBA '15

Brandeis IBS MBA Alumnus Spotlight

Mendsaikhan Dashjil, MBA '15

Mendsaikhan (Mendee) Dashjil, MBA ’15 earned his undergraduate degree from the School of Economic Studies at the National University of Mongolia before starting his career in the oil and mining industries. He spent 13 years in private sector development before coming to the United States with his wife and three children to attend the MBA program at Brandeis International Business School (IBS).

Thomas Reedy, MSF '07 Alumni Profile

"Regardless of the Outcome, What You Learn Along the Way is Very Valuable."

Thomas Reedy, MSF '07

Thomas Reedy, MSF ’07, leads one of John Hancock’s asset modeling teams, focused on providing business insights and meeting regulatory requirements.

Prathap Gangadhar, MBA '09

"With proper training, persistence and commitment, anything is achievable."

Prathap Gangadhar, MBA '09

Since graduating from Brandeis IBS, Prathap has made smart decisions to keep his career moving forward, shifting from a small brokerage firm to John Hancock to his current role at Liberty Mutual Investments.

Peter Wein '14, MA '15

Finding the best of both worlds: two degrees, one stellar job

Peter Wein, BA/MA '15

Peter Wein found a balance in the Brandeis IBS BA/MA program, where he focused his studies in both international economic policy and data analytics. Today, he applies both areas of expertise in a role at Mather Economics.

Bozhanka Vitanova (second from R) speaks on a panel held at Davos in January 2017

"Now is The Time To Explore Patterns Among Successful Entrepreneurs"

Bozhanka Vitanova, MA '16

Bozhanka Vitanova, MA ’16 was one of thousands to attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, in January 2017. She spoke as part of TechCrunch’s “Having Impact with Tech” panel discussion.


"I Felt Like I Was Part of the Industry, Even As a Student"

Melina Reyes-Yépez, MSF '15

Melina Reyes-Yépez, MSF '15 came to Brandeis IBS from the Dominican Republic, seeking opportunities to advance her knowledge and career prospects in finance. Today, she works at Deloitte as a senior consultant in financial advisory services.

Sean Xiang

"It's All About Developing Knowledge and Finding Your Direction"

Sean Xiang, MA '09

Sean Xiang has worked across countries, companies and cultures in the eight years since he completed his studies at Brandeis International Business School (IBS) – and he’s certainly not finished exploring the world of opportunities available to him.


"Different perspectives are the key to success. They ultimately made me more flexible.".

Francesco Lucherelli, MA '09

Francesco graduated with a Brandeis IBS MA in 2009. Since then, he has succeeded in a multinational career in electronic trading across the United Kingdom and Singapore, where he currently serves as vice president of FICC eTrading client services at JP Morgan.

Uri Kedem

From Israel to Brandeis IBS to Dell

Uri Kedem, MBA '18

Uri Kedem's roles have paratrooper in an elite Israeli army unit, digital marketing manager, MBA student at Brandeis IBS, and now Marketing Operations Senior Advisor at Dell.