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MA Alumni Profile and Spotlight: Bernardo Tannenbaum

Bernardo Tannenbaum, MA '14

“For decades the advertising industry has struggled to come up with ways to accurately measure the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns; however, with the advent of digital marketing such tasks have become much easier to accomplish."

The Rise of Digital Marketing

“Digital marketing, or Internet marketing, delivers marketable materials through the use of electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets. The contents can be distributed over e-mails and social networks, or be displayed on digital banners in websites and as text ads in search engines, like Google and Bing.  Since most of the content is delivered through channels that require user interaction, such as clicking into a link or banner, it is easy to track the performance of each individual advertisement.

Eager to learn more about the fast emerging field of digital marketing, I decided to apply for a summer internship at inSegment Internet Marketing Company, located at Newton, MA.  InSegment is a full-service digital marketing agency committed to maximizing its clients’ online potential by offering a variety of online marketing tools. InSegment emphasizes the measurability of all of its marketing strategies, therefore, it devotes a great deal of effort to data analysis and is driven by its clients’ return on investments. Transparency is imbedded into the company’s culture and clients are provided with detailed project plans and continuous reports on progress and results.

The on-the-job training I received as a Web Marketing Intern at inSegment helped me to understand the tasks involved in running Internet based marketing campaigns and also exposed me to the day-to-day operations of a digital marketing firm. I worked with several industry professionals in delivering digital marketing solutions to a variety of organizations from many different verticals, including IT companies, financial institutions, and educational institutions. Through the internship I was exposed to various facets of the internet marketing business. My day-to-day responsibilities included creating, analyzing and refining display and texts campaigns running on Google and Bing advertisement platforms. The development of an on-line marketing campaign involves several steps and I was able to participate in every stage of creation, from identifying keywords that would trigger the on-line ads to the optimization of campaigns through data analysis.

Working at inSegment made me realize the growing importance of Internet marketing.  The shares of firms’ marketing budgets that are being spent on on-line campaigns have been increasing considerably in the past few years. Digital marketing is not only a more measurable and efficient way to do marketing but is also the future of the marketing industry. In every industry, from banks to universities, more of the customer lifecycle happens on-line.  Most people both shop or research products and services on the Internet; therefore, companies must have a strong online presence, otherwise they will risk losing potential customers. Having a broad understanding of the digital marketing industry and being able to implement on-line campaigns are undoubtedly very valuable skills any marketer must possess. We live in a digital era where people tend to rely on the Internet to accomplish most of their daily activities, from paying bills to reading the morning newspaper. As our lives migrate to the virtual world so should the marketing resources of the companies we do business with.”