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MA Program Alumni Profile and Spotlight: Bozhanka Vitanova

"Now is The Time To Explore Patterns Among Successful Entrepreneurs"

Bozhanka Vitanova (second from R) speaks on a panel held at Davos in January 2017

Bozhanka Vitanova, MA '16

Bozhanka Vitanova, MA ’16 (pictured second from right) was one of thousands to attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, in January 2017. She spoke about the intersection of technology and social impact as part of TechCrunch’s “Having Impact with Tech” panel discussion. 

Convened annually in Switzerland, the Davos meeting engages the global business community in order to shape worldwide, regional and industrial agendas. This year, the meeting centered on responsive leadership and called on business leaders to address the need for both economic development and social progress. Emerging themes included the changing global economy, women in business leadership and technology as a driver for social change. 

Bozhanka joined TechCrunch editor-at-large Mike Butcher and three other panelists for a discussion about what is happening on the front lines of technology aimed at helping the United Nations achieve their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Bozhanka, a Fulbright scholar and Brandeis IBS alumna, now manages the programs at Brandeis University’s Hassenfeld Family Innovation Center. Using tech innovation and findings from her research on what makes successful entrepreneurs, Bozhanka supports Brandeis students, faculty and staff in building impactful businesses and commercializing technology aimed at repairing the world. 

As cofounder of Yunus&Youth, an organization enabling young social entrepreneurs worldwide to build sustainable and scalable social businesses, Bozhanka says she spoke about the challenges social enterprises face in scaling their solutions. She sees an increased use of data mining to figure out effective ways to prepare new generations of social entrepreneurs. 

“There is certainly a place for social entrepreneurship in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” said Vitanova. “For example, artificial intelligence will create space for entrepreneurs to do more fulfilling work. Now is the time to explore patterns among successful entrepreneurs so that we can support new entrepreneurial journeys during the ongoing technological revolution.” 

In addition to the panel on which she participated, Vitanova attended a variety of events and discussions on impact investing, new startups and finding solutions to global inequality.