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MBA Program Alumni Profile and Spotlight: Daniel Goldsmith

Keeping up with a Busy Schedule

Daniel Goldsmith

Daniel Goldsmith, MBA '06
San Francisco, CA, USA

Current employment: PA Consulting

Previous work experience: MIT Sloan School of Management
Daniel Goldsmith, MBA ’06 is not your typical business school graduate. The University of Virginia alumnus, who studied American government as an undergraduate, consults with the Office of Naval Research in the Department of Defense (DOD), helps to run communications for a national security organization, and has even spent time working on operations at a Japanese hospital. Then again, according to Goldsmith, Brandeis International Business School (IBS) is not your typical business school.

“What’s great about Brandeis IBS is the emphasis on cross-cultural communication and working in different environments,” he said. “The Brandeis program took a broader world view, and that attracted me because of my interest in working in and being involved in a lot of different sectors.”

Goldsmith spends most of his time working with PA Consulting, a worldwide strategy consulting agency. It’s there that he’s done research for the DOD, working on reducing the total ownership cost of submarines. “When people buy large systems they don’t think about the full life cycle of ownership costs, from maintaining computers to maintaining a submarine,” he said. “A lot of my work is valuing that and helping organizations think through the long term costs of their decisions.” Goldsmith also advises clients in the healthcare and energy sectors.

His work in healthcare led Goldsmith to several hospitals in Japan, where he spent three years studying the use of health care information technology in large hospitals. His joint paper on the subject was published by the MIT Center for Digital Business, one of numerous published works that Goldsmith has contributed to.

Goldsmith also researches everything from business analytics and healthcare IT to international relations at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He worked full time at the school from 2005 until starting at PA Consulting last October, and has stayed on as a research affiliate to continue his research. He is also a Fellow at the Truman National Security Project, which trains progressive leaders on national security issues. The trifecta combines for a rather hectic work day. “Hobbies? I feel like I just work on those three things,” he said. “They keep me pretty busy. But I do enjoy getting out on my road bike.”

Working across several fields requires the ability to both collaborate with a broad variety of people and critically analyze a wide range of topics, skills that Goldsmith credits Brandeis IBS for helping to teach him. “A lot of what I learned at Brandeis was structural thinking, how to analyze strategic issues and how to work with other people, and those are all important in both the government and private sector,” he said.

“Working in the Japanese healthcare environment–I really enjoyed it, and it really highlighted what was great about Brandeis IBS,” he said. “It required cross cultural communication and working in different environments, and at Brandeis IBS you’re doing all of those things but it’s not easy to see how that translates from the specific environment of the business school. So it was an opportunity for me to use all of those skills, and use them in a way that makes a real difference.”