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MBA Program Alumni Profile and Spotlight: Ram Iyer

Excelling in the Global Marketplace

Alumni profile for Ram Iyer, MBA '09

Ram Iyer, MBA '09

How did Ram Iyer, MBA '09 land a job at EMC? The Brandeis IBS alum talks about the knowledge and skills he acquired during his time earning his degree, and how they proved to be crucial in the workplace.

Sept. 15, 2010

Q: How did Brandeis IBS prepare you for your job at EMC Corporation?

A: I can remember four specific courses I took at Brandeis IBS that always apply to my job as a corporate financial analyst -- Financial Theory, Corporate Finance, Competition and Strategy, and Information Management. We did numerous short term and long term projects and case studies in these courses, which apply to much of what I do at EMC, which includes tasks such as looking at financial statements, analyzing numbers and graphs, and forecasting trends based on historical data. Competition and Strategy, in particular, prepared me for the strategic end of my job, which is essentially determining how what we do will affect the future.

Q: What aspect of these Brandeis IBS courses helped prepare you the most?

A: Communication and working in groups. We had group projects for all of my courses at Brandeis IBS, usually with three to four students, and the students I work with are always from different countries. I do this type of work every day at EMC, with people from all around the world. I have conference calls with colleagues from several parts of Europe and Asia, and it’s important to know how to communicate and collaborate with them without actually being there.

Q: Do you remember a specific experience working on a group project that was rewarding?

A: The one I remember in particular, there was the four of us in this project. Everyone did a very good job, but everyone’s style of working was very different. I ended up taking on the role of project manager, assigning tasks that each member of the group would perform best. If I had not taken the time to know what each students’ strengths were, we would not have achieved the quality of teamwork that ended up producing a very good project.

Q: What’s one thing you didn’t expect about Brandeis IBS?

A: Well, Brandeis IBS gave me the ability to meet and work with students from 70 countries. I knew Brandeis IBS had great diversity, but I didn’t know its student body was so diverse. I remember looking around during orientation, and everyone around me was from a different country. It was just a wonderful experience.

Coming from a personal standpoint, Brandeis IBS helped me enhance and practice many of my skills – such as making presentations, public speaking, and team leadership etc. – which I use at EMC every day. Looking back, I’m absolutely glad that I chose Brandeis IBS for giving me so much more than I expected.

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