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MBA Program Alumni Profile and Spotlight: David Zadok

Entrepreneur on a ride

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David Zadok, MBA '12

How getting stuck at an airport drove David Zadok’s latest venture.

It was after midnight. David Zadok, MBA ’12 had landed in Boston Logan International Airport after a long flight from Israel. He was tired and just wanted to get home. But there was no public transportation, and Zadok didn’t want to blow $50 on a cab to Brookline. So, he started asking strangers if they wanted to split the fare. Zadok lucked out in more ways than one.

He found a guy to share the ride, but he also founded a new business: SplitMyTaxi, a mobile app that connects people looking to share a taxi, thus cutting costs.

“It was so easy, it was so cheap,” said Zadok, the CEO. “It was so good.” It was so good, and the app is doing so well that he and co-founder Adam Eagle, the chief technology officer, already have plans to grow the business they started in February.

Here’s how it works: You subscribe to the free app. When you need a cab, you put in the address of your destination and find matches. You click on an icon for that match to send a text or call.

SplitMyTaxi’s primary target audience is college students – an easy mark since they’re often penniless and on the go. The app is already servicing Boston University students; they’re testing the markets at Brandeis and Tufts universities. They’ve hired a marketing person at B.U. and Tufts, but they’re looking for someone to spread the word on the Brandeis campus.

Zadok said the app is safe because only students with school emails, with the suffix .edu, are allowed to use the system. “It’s not some random person you meet at a pub,” he said. “You can text back and forth to make sure you both want the ride.”

SplitMyTaxi’s motto is: “Save cash. Socialize. Feel good.”

Zadok always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He started his first company, Top Job, a high-tech recruiting firm, after graduating from Ben-Gurion University in Israel.

Zadok, who’s never owned a car, is an avid salsa dancer. He’s often at Havana, a club in Cambridge, until 2 AM – about the time SplitMyTaxi comes in handy.