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Brandeis IBS Alumni Profiles - Featured MSF Spotlights

Alumni from our Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program establish careers in risk management, corporate finance, asset management and more. Learn what constitutes a great MSF experience at Brandeis IBS and understand how to turn that into a successful career from the alumni spotlights below.

Sam Soltani, MSF '10 Alumni Profile

Businessman with Business Experience

Sam Soltani, MSF '10

As Chief Operating Officer, Sam Soltani, MSF ’10 is the sole member of BioSensics’ impressive management team who has actual business experience.

Richard Peck, MSF '01 Alumni Profile

An Emerging Career

Richard Peck, MSF '00

“We were able to see living, breathing examples of what we were talking about in the classroom play out on a global stage."

Boris Vilidnitsky, MSF '09 Alumni Profile

Investing in the Future

Boris Vilidnitsky, MSF '09

“I felt prepared coming into this job but the learning curve is still steep... I’m open to any opportunities that arise, and I am excited to see what happens next.”

Image of Ari Alushaj, MSF '10

Global Education - Global Career

Ari Alushaj, MSF '10

“I always looked forward to class–spending time with my fellow students and hearing lectures from amazing Brandeis professors. It was such a stimulating environment.”

Image of Pasquale Nuzzo

Deepening understandings of global economics

Pasquale Nuzzo, MSF '00

The Italian-born treasury-management expert went from not speaking a word of English to becoming a senior vice president at Capital One in New York City.

The best part of the job is that I don’t have set “day-to-day” responsibilities

Pia McCusker, MSF '00

"In 2008 alone, I had to visit clients in South Africa, Australia, UK, Spain, France, South Korea, and Slovenia."

Ezra Levine, MSF '11

"I am keenly interested in international capital markets, so a primary motivation was the diversification and the international exposure Brandeis IBS provides."

Thomas Reedy, MSF '07 Alumni Profile

"Regardless of the Outcome, What You Learn Along the Way is Very Valuable."

Thomas Reedy, MSF '07

Thomas Reedy, MSF ’07, leads one of John Hancock’s asset modeling teams, focused on providing business insights and meeting regulatory requirements.