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Brandeis IBS Alumni Profiles - Featured PhD Spotlights

Alumni of our PhD program in International Economics and Finance go on to careers in academia, consulting, policy-making and more. Learn what makes for a great PhD experience at Brandeis IBS and how to translate that into a successful career from the alumni spotlights below. 
Olaf Unteroberdoerster, PhD

A PhD Trailblazer

Olaf Unteroberdoerster, PhD '98

Traveling and working with people from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa, Dr. Olaf Unteroberdoerster MS ’98, PhD ’98 has lived a life filled and enriched with memorable international experiences.

Nabeela Alam, Phd '13

New faculty member at Grinnell College

Nabeela Alam, PhD '13

Primary Fields – Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy, Economic Development


From the Federal Reserve to the Classroom

Rawley Heimer, PhD '13

From the Federal Reserve to the Classroom

Eugene K, PhD '13

On staff at the Federal Communications Commission

Eugene Kiselev, PhD '13

Eugene, now based in Washington, DC, shares insights on his experience at Brandeis IBS and reflects back on how his time at the business school influenced his career path.

Satyam Panday
, PhD '13

On staff at Standard & Poor's

Satyam Panday, PhD '13

Satyam Panday examined the fields of labor economics, applied econometrics, and development and transition economics while at Brandeis IBS, focusing his dissertation on economic mobility. Satyam, now based in New York, NY, took time to reflect upon his experiences as a PhD student and their effect on his career.

Cecilia Maya

From Colombia to Boston and back again - making a global impact

Cecilia Maya, MA '00, PhD '04

Though Cecilia Maya grew up in Medellín, Colombia and attended college there, she always dreamed of going to graduate school overseas. “I wanted to study abroad because I wanted to live in a place with a different culture and surround myself with people from other countries,” she says.