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Support the Next Generation of World Ready Leaders

Support from our alumni and friends, at any level, is critical to our mission. 

Please consider participating in this year's campaign with a gift to one of the following Brandeis International Business School (IBS) funds:

  • Brandeis International Business School Annual Fund
    This unrestricted fund provides ongoing support for the full range of activities at Brandeis IBS, including resources for students through the Career Strategies Center and Office of Academic Affairs and Student Experience, classroom support and enrichment, and essential resources needed to maintain a world class faculty.
  • The Peter Petri Global Fellowship
    Named in honor of Brandeis IBS' founding Dean, Dr. Peter Petri, this prestigious named fellowship was established in 2006. It provides scholarship assistance to three high academic achieving students from three different continents every year, each of whom demonstrates financial need and has overcome difficult challenges in their studies and their personal lives.
  • Brandeis IBS Fellowship Fund
    This fund provides generous scholarship assistance to students who have demonstrated financial need.
  • Brandeis IBS Internship Award Fund
    This fund provides stipends to current Brandeis IBS graduate students if they meet the following criteria: are pursuing a summer internship with an organization that is unable to provide a salary; are undertaking an economic or finance research project; or are focusing on full-time development of their entrepreneurial vision. Internship stipend awards eliminate financial barriers that could preclude students from following their career interests, and encourage students to use the summer experience to explore career fields, gain new skills, and apply what they've learned from Brandeis IBS coursework.
  • The Dean’s Strategic Initiatives Fund
    This fund provides support for the creation of dynamic new programs and curriculum initiatives, and is critical to providing flexibility and opportunity to seed new ideas and respond to opportunities as they arise.
  • Latin America Initiative Fund
    This fund enables Brandeis IBS to enhance its efforts in Central and South America, and Mexico. Goals of the Latin America Initiative include increasing Latin American enrollment, providing financial aid awards specifically for Latin American students, enhancing relations with multinational firms that seek to hire Latin talent, supporting faculty research in region-specific topics, and supporting campus activities related to challenges and opportunities throughout the Western Hemisphere.
  • Robert Sherman '74 Memorial Fellowship Fund
    This fund, established in 2011, honors the memory of Robert Sherman, '74. Bob was married to Arlene Sherman, who worked for Brandeis University for 28 years before retiring in May 2014. The fund supports a Brandeis IBS student, with preference given to an individual who was raised in a single-parent household, or who has endured extraordinary medical or financial circumstances.

Please give to Brandeis International Business School (IBS) today.