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Graduate students at Brandeis IBS are graded based on the following:

  • The grading scale is from A+ to F
  • "NC" is not considered a satisfactory grade
  • Students are permitted up to two semester equivalent grades of C+ as long as the overall GPA is at least B-
    • This policy does not apply to PhD students, who are required to achieve B- or better to receive course credit

Credit-Bearing Grades

C+ (up to 8 credits; does not apply to PhD students)
CR (credit)

Non-Credit-Bearing Grades

C+ Any C+ beyond a total of 8 credits. Any C+ received in the PhD program
C, C-, D+, D, D- No credit
E Failure
EI Excused incomplete (temporary)
EA Excused absence
NG No grade
NC No credit
I Incomplete (permanent)

Academic Honors

Brandeis IBS does not have a system of Latin Honors (e.g. cum laude) for graduate degrees. However, Brandeis IBS awards the designation "First Year Distinction" and "Graduating with Distinction" to a select group of top-performing students at the end of their first year and at graduation. These distinctions are granted by degree program and do not appear on a transcript or diploma. They are communicated to awardees by official letter from Brandeis IBS and may be reported on the recipient's CV.

Two students in the MA Program are also awarded for Excellence in Economics and Excellence in Finance each year.