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Recommended MA Program Courses for Teamwork Skills

MA Courses for Teamwork Skills

Required courses with teamwork practice

These days, the majority of professional work is done in teams. Though working with other people can be challenging, our courses are designed to help you navigate and resolve conflict in project design, as well as provide courteous and effective encouragement to your teammates in accomplishing their fair share of work.
Most courses require some team project work, but some courses make teamwork a special focus. Those are listed below.
  • ECON 201a: Global Economic Environment
  • ECON 202a: Applied International Macroeconomics
  • FIN 201a: Investments
  • FIN 202a: Corporate Finance
  • FIN 212a: Financial Accounting & Analysis

Additional courses with a focus on teamwork skills

  • BUS 211f: Analyzing Big Data I
  • BUS 219f: Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior
  • BUS 252a: Marketing Management
  • BUS 253a: Market Research
  • BUS 254a: Branding Strategy
  • BUS 264f: Business and the Environment
  • BUS 275f: Transnational Negotiations
  • BUS 286a: Applications of System Dynamics
  • ECON 210f: Foundation of Statistics
  • ECON 253a: Asia: Center of the World Economy
  • ECON 270a: Economic Development Strategies