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Sample Course Sequence for Current MA Program Students

A standard plan for MA students is shown below. Each student's program of study may differ from this plan (for example, due to being exempt from a particular requirement). Students are strongly advised that it is unwise to put off taking required courses. Please note that while students may take classes over the summer, all students must be enrolled for a minimum of 4 semesters (2 fall semesters and 2 spring semesters).

Illustrative program for 1st Year MA students
Fall Spring

Global Economic Environment (if qualified)

Introduction to Econometrics*

Accounting and Financial Analysis


Managerial Economics

Launching Your Global Career

International Macroeconomics

International Trade Policy

Corporate Finance


One Elective:

Managing International Business

Empirical Analysis of Trade Policy

Financial Planning and Control

One Elective (not previously taken):

Fixed Income Securities

Forecasting in Economics and Finance

Options and Derivatives

* Half course. Other quantitative electives may be substituted.

NOTE: First year students don't often have room for electives in the first semester unless they have exempted from a course. More room becomes available in the second semester. 

In the second year, you gain a deeper understanding of the subject as well as international experience. 

Illustrative Program for 2nd Year MA students

Fall Spring
Required None Capstone course

Study at a partner university abroad OR

4 courses at Brandeis IBS (electives or core courtesies)

3 electives, possibly completing a specialization

* Half course. Other quantitative electives may be substituted.