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Information About the MBA Program for Current Students

Course Plan

Students should take some time to plan in advance so they are able to complete all requirements and take the electives that most closely match their career aspirations. Take a look at our degree requirements page for more information. 

Overview of Requirements

To complete the MBA, students must be enrolled for a minimum of four semesters and take an average of 16 credits in each semester. A “full” semester-long course normally grants 4 credits; shorter half-semester “module” courses grant 2 credits a piece. The mix of 4- and 2-credit courses does not matter, as long as the total credits are met and the required credits in each core area are met.

Because of the range of options available to meet requirements, there is not just one prescribed course of study for all MBA students. We encourage students to explore the range of electives and concentrations available to meet their career goals. Some students will want to complete most core courses early; others may elect to defer one or more core courses until later. MBA students should consult with Program Advisor Viola Morse ( to map out their course planning options.