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Current Students: Information About Adding/Dropping Courses

Students may add and drop classes freely (space and restrictions permitting) during the Open Enrollment Period at the beginning of each semester. Once Open Enrollment is closed, adding and dropping classes is accomplished by completing an Add/Drop Form prior to the add/drop deadline.

  • MA students must obtain a signature from Meredith Robitaille
  • BA/MA students must obtain a signature from Meredith Robitaille
  • MBA students must obtain a signature from Viola Morse
  • MSF students must obtain a signature from Karen Muise*
  • Exchange students must obtain a signature from Alyssa Irizarry

After the Open Enrollment Period closes, students are required to obtain the signature of both the person listed above and the faculty member teaching the course. 

Students are responsible for bringing completed Add/Drop Forms to the Registrar's Office in Kutz Hall. No changes are final until the student submits the form to the Registrar's Office. 

*Part-time MSF students can seriously impact tuition costs by adding or dropping a course. Contact your advisor prior to adding or dropping a course. 

Refund Policy for Part-Time MSF Students

It is important to note that the only fee that may be refundable in part is the tuition fee. No refund will be made because of illness, absence or dismissal from class. 

For full semester-long courses:

  • Before the opening day of instruction through the last day of registration = 100% refund
  • On or before the fifth Friday following the opening of instruction = 50% refund
  • After the fifth Friday of class = No refund

For module courses:

  • On or before the second Friday of instruction = 100%
  • After the second Friday of instruction = No refund

For all other students, please refer to the drop dates set forth by the University.