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Program Directors and Advisors for Current Students


Brandeis International Business School (IBS) offers several levels of advising to help you through the academic requirements and course selection process.

Program Advisors

Each degree program has a member of the Student Services staff who functions as the Program Advisor. This advisor is your go-to resource for academic- or program-related questions. While you are always welcomed to ask anyone in Student Services, these contacts are the most knowledgeable about your specific program:

  • MA  -  Meredith Robitaille
  • BA/MA  -  Meredith Robitaille
  • MBA  -  Viola Morse
  • BA/MBA  -  Viola Morse
  • MSF  -  Karen Muise
  • PhD  -  Viola Morse
  • Exchange  -  Matt Rocker

Program Directors

Each degree program is directed by a member of the faculty who has special expertise in the field. Not only can your Program Director answer your questions about the program you are enrolled in, but s/he can also help you make course selections that are best suited for your specific career goals.

  • MA  -  Carol Osler
  • MBA  -  Ben Gomes-Casseres
  • MSF  -  John Ballantine
  • PhD  -  Blake LeBaron
  • BA/MA  -  Carol Osler
  • BA/MBA  - Ben Gomes-Casseres

Faculty Advisors

Sometimes students need customized assistance. Whatever your interests relate to, your Program Advisor or Program Director can help identify a member of the Brandeis IBS faculty to help you.