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Information About Cross-Registration at Brandeis IBS

Students are permitted to—with signature permission—cross-register for one course each semester within program-specific limits, and these courses can count as electives.

To find courses that may be suitable and of interest, you may check out course offerings at the following schools. If you have a question about the relevancy of the course, we suggest that you speak with your program director or program advisor. Forms are available at the Registrar's Office.

Please remember that each university/college has a different academic calendar that can be accessed by searching for 'academic calendar' from the main university/college page.

How to Cross-Register:

  • Cross-registration is managed by the University Registrar. The forms for cross-registration are only available from the Registrar's Office in Kutz Hall. They are not available at Brandeis IBS or online.
  • Students must go in person to obtain the proper forms.
  • The form clearly explains the process. The signatures of the Registrar, Brandeis IBS Program Advisor, host university professor, and host university registrar are required. The form is then returned to the Brandeis Registrar once all signatures are obtained.
  • Cross-registration is only available during the fall and spring semesters, not during the summer.