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Information and Protocol on Degree Requirement Exemptions

There are no exemptions from the Quantitative Methods requirement and the Global Perspectives requirement. 

To exempt from most required courses, students must pass an exemption exam. Exemption exams are offered during Orientation for fall-semester courses and during the first few weeks of fall classes for spring-semester courses. Students may only take a given exemption exam once, and they must take it during their first year. 

Courses for which an exemption exam is required include:

  • FIN 201a, Investments
  • FIN 202a, Corporate Finance
  • ECON 207a, Managerial Economics
  • ECON 202a, Applied International Economics
  • ECON 260a, International Trade Policy and Institutions

To exempt from other required courses, students must present to their Program Advisor the syllabus for the course they already took, the grade they earned in that course, and other information that may be requested.