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Information About Course Registration at Brandeis IBS

Enrollment Periods for Course Registration

Open Enrollment

At the start of each semester there is an “open enrollment” period. For the Fall Semester, this usually starts in mid-August and ends in mid-September. During this time, you can freely add or drop courses through Sage. Keep in mind that your ability to add or drop a course may be limited by:

  • Class Size – You might not be able to enroll in a course because it has reached its maximum size 
  • Consent – A course may require the consent of the instructor; this can be for a variety of reasons 
  • Restricted Enrollment – A course may be listed as “MBA only,” for example
  • Non-IBS Course – Signing up for courses at other Brandeis schools usually requires a paper form
  • Pre-Requisites – Even though Sage may permit you to enroll in a given course, if the course has a pre-requisite that you have not taken, you will be asked to drop the course
  • Holds – Having any hold on your account will prevent you from registering, adding or dropping courses until the hold is removed. Holds can only be removed by the department responsible for placing it (Student Financial Services, Health Services, or ISSO)

After the close of open enrollment, you will not be able to add or drop a course without the approval of the instructor and your Program Advisor.

Early Enrollment

For current students, there is the opportunity to enroll in classes before the open enrollment period. Near the end of each semester, there is an “early enrollment” period. This is organized in such a way that is fair to all students. The way this process works is:

  • the Registrar’s Office sends each student an email with a set of appointment times
  • these appointments are the times that the student can go on Sage to enroll in courses
  • the appointment is a window of time (e.g.: Monday, April 12, 1:00PM -8:00PM)
  • each appointment has limitations as to how many courses the student may enroll in, for example:
    • first appointment: may enroll in a total of 4 credits 
    • second appointment: may enroll in 4 more credits, for a total of 8 credits 
    • third appointment: may enroll in 12 more credits, for a total of 20 credits

Once the early enrollment period is closed, it is not possible to make any enrollment changes, add or drop a courses until the open enrollment period starts.