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World Financial Centers

world financial center

The World Financial Centers (WFC) program includes a one-week travel experience to a financial center of global significance, following an immersion program at Brandeis International Business School (IBS) and area institutions to acclimate students with the city to which they will be traveling. The program may be repeated once for credit in a different center and is usually offered every summer.


Brandeis IBS students in the MSF program are given priority in registering for the course and accompanying trip. 


  • Provides analysis of international financial markets, institutions, and regulatory systems in the host center
  • Explores their relationship with global financial trends and systems
  • Includes examining the microstructure of markets, equity trading, futures and options, mergers and acquisitions, banking and currencies, and regional issues of topical interest

Tuition and Fees

Tuition to the program is $4,426 for first-time participants and $2,213 for second-time participants. The tuition does not include airfare, accommodations, or meals. First-time participants will receive a travel scholarship from Brandeis IBS of up to $500 towards their airfare, reimbursed after the program; second-time participants do not receive a travel scholarship. Contact Karen Muise for more information on airfare reimbursement.