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International Students - Welcome to Our Community!

Learning in an Olympic Village

Learning in and Olympic Village

Every year Brandeis IBS welcomes students from all around the world into its unique learning community. With students from over 50 countries, nearly all of the world's major cultures and languages are represented, and every  Brandeis IBS academic and social activity benefits from the resulting range of viewpoints and experiences. In addition to international students, each year we also welcome approximately 20 exchange students from our study abroad partner universities around the world.

In this extraordinary mix, no part of the world is disproportionately represented - we attract students from the richest and poorest countries, and from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America.

The school's activities take advantage of these rich cultural resources. We organize social events to celebrate different cultures, traditions and languages, and arrange for pot-luck dinners to showcase their culinary talents. When critical issues arise on the international stage, we often have students from the affected countries create a forum for understanding international reactions and facilitating communication.

Because of this special student body, our faculty and staff understand the needs of international students from many different backgrounds. We can offer help with housing, visa requirements, cultural issues, English language skills, and more generally, in making the complex adjustments that people from other countries need to make to the US educational environment and to international careers and institutions.

Brandeis IBS graduates often cite our thoroughly international community as one of the most important parts of their experience here. Many of the relationships forged in this setting continue well beyond graduation, linking alumni in a truly global network of friendships and connections.