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Meet Our Team: Staff and Contact Information

Meet our team

Staff in the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Experience can help you navigate the steps along the way to achieving your degree, including course selection and registration, professional and social events, student clubs and many other day-to-day or complex issues.

Kate Goldfield

Kate GoldfieldAssociate Dean
P: 781-736-2260
O: Sachar 121B

Contact Kate for: Disability Accommodations

Viola Morse

Viola MorseSenior Director
P: 781-736-8549
O: Sachar 128A

Contact Viola for: MBA & PhD Advising

Meredith Robitaille

Meredith RobitailleAssociate Director
P: 781-736-2241
O: Sachar 124A

Contact Meredith for: BA/MA & MA Advising

David Veira

David VeiraAssociate Director
P: 781-736-2245
O: Lemberg 128A

Contact David for: MSF Advising

Karen Muise

Karen MuiseAssociate Director
P: 781-736-2240
O: Sachar 130C

Contact Karen for: MSF Advising

Alyssa Irizarry

Alyssa IrizarryAssistant Director
P: 781-736-2266
O: Sachar 128A

Contact Alyssa for: BA/MA & MA Advising, Exchange Advising, ELP Workshops

Ida Yonas

Ida Yonas

Senior Department Coordinator
P: 781-736-4705
O: Sachar 121A

Contact Ida for: Student Clubs, Student Room Reservations

Anna Shur-Wilson

Anna Shur-WilsonSenior Department Coordinator
P: 781-736-8362
O: Sachar 121A

Contact Anna for: ELP Workshops, Technology Workshops

Lauren Hasselriis-Ghom

Lauren HGProgram Administrator
P: 781-736-4857
O: Sachar Suite

Contact Lauren for: Faculty Support

Leslie Yancich

Leslie YancichAcademic Administrator
P: 781-736-4875
O: Lemberg 162

Contact Leslie for: Undergraduate Economics

Pin-Lun Lee

Pin-Lun LeeInternational Student Liason
P: 781-736-2261
O: Sachar 121A

Contact Pin-Lun for: International student experience questions