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Brandeis IBS Help Desk - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How can I get access to resources while off-campus?

A.  We have developed a number of documents to help assist you while connecting to the various campus-only resources from home or abroad. Alternatively, you can also contact the Brandeis IBS Help Desk directly for assistance.

Q.  Where can I go for problems with my Campus Card? 

A.  You can contact the Brandeis Campus Card office:
       P: 781-736-4230
       O: Kutz Hall, Ground Floor (Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm)

Q.  How do I add Who Cash to my campus ID card?

A.  Visit the Campus Card Office at Kutz Hall, or go to the campus card website.

Q.  Does Brandeis IBS give out software like Microsoft Office or Acrobat?

A.  Software must be purchased outside of the Technology Office. However, Brandeis University offers free and discounted software that can be found here

Q.  Does the technology office sell equipment?

A.  We do not generally sell equipment or software, however if items do become available we notify the community by email or flyers.

Q.  Does the Technology Office repair computers?

A.  We can fix most software issues, but hardware issues should be addressed by LTS Repair Shop, located at the LTS Help Desk in Goldfarb Main Library, Level 1.

Q.  Can I borrow equipment? (cameras, laptops, phones, etc.)

A.  Students are able to rent certain equipment for up to 24 hours. For more information or to make reservations, stop by, email, or call the Brandeis IBS Help Desk.

Q.  Where is the Help Desk located?

A.  The Help Desk is located in Sachar International Center, Room 102 near the Chancellor's Suite.

Q.  Does the Technology Office assist with website design and creation?

A.  Brandeis IBS Technology does not assist with website related items, however we can provide you with the information resources needed to get the assistance you need.

Q.  Can students reserve rooms?

A.  Yes, but space is limited. Inquire with the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Experience in the Sachar Building.

Q.  How can I purchase STATA?

A.  STATA is free for all students, faculty, and staff. It can be downloaded from Brandeis On The Hub.

Q.  Where can I go to purchase business cards (students only)?

A.  Business cards can be purchased through the Career Strategies Center.

Q.  Where do I go if the Brandeis IBS cluster copier/printers are out of paper?

A.  Please contact the Technology Office.

Q.  Where do I go if my printer runs out of toner (faculty only)?

A.  Economics faculty should contact Leslie Yancich. Brandeis IBS faculty should contact the Technology Office.

Q: What if I prefer to use Outlook as my email provider?

A: Here's a helpful video on using Outlook for email:

Q: What can I do if my computer and Internet has been running slow?

A: You can learn to clean your system using Piriform CCleaner Software; the video below will help you learn how:

*Brandeis IBS Technology does not provide CCleaner Software. CCleaner, by Piriform, has both free and pay-for versions available.

Q: What do I do if I'm having issues with my computer but my virus software doesn't find any problems?

A: You might have Malware. Learn how to clear up the infection with the video on Malwarebytes below: