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Winter Weather Cancellation Technology Guide


The following winter weather resources allow all faculty the option to hold their classes virtually in cases of school cancellation. Some require little training or technical expertise allowing faculty to deploy them on short notice while others require advanced scheduling or hands on training.

To learn more about these resources and which will meet your teaching needs during a school cancellation, review the solutions below or contact our Media Technology Specialist via the Brandeis IBS Help Desk.

Solutions to Manage Your Lecture

  Echo360 Lecture Capture  

  • Minimal Technology Proficiency, Advanced Planning
  • Automated video and desktop recording technology inside the classroom

  Zoom Video Conferencing 

  • Basic Technology Proficiency, Minimal Advanced Planning
  • Simplest Lecture/Conference Tool can be used on or off campus using your Brandeis UNet login

  Adobe Connect  

  • Higher Technology Proficiency, Advanced Planning
  • Advanced Lecture/Conference Tool offering a wider range of features including hand raising, breakout groups, and annotation tools

Solutions to Access Your Files

  Junos Pulse   

  • Allows access to the Brandeis network resources and storage drives
  • Requires one time installation

  Network Storage   

  • Access is available to the Brandeis network storage drives for all IBS PhD students, faculty, staff, and research assistants
  • Requires connection through Junos Pulse