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Faculty Profile: Scott A. Redenius

Scott A. Redenius

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Economic History, The Economics of Financial Institutions

Scott Redenius came to Brandeis in 2008 after teaching at Knox College and Bryn Mawr College. He teaches Money and Banking and U.S. Economic History in addition to Introduction to Macroeconomics and The Global Economy. He serves as the Undergraduate Advising Head for the Economics Department.

Redenius' research area is U.S. financial history. His current projects focus on interregional capital flows, the integration of the U.S. monetary and payment systems, and issues relating to the founding and early operation of the Federal Reserve System.

Yale University, Ph.D.
Yale University, M.A.
Yale University, M.Phil.
Yale University, M.A.
Oberlin College, A.B.