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Faculty Profile: John Ballantine Jr.

John Ballantine Jr.

Senior Lecturer in the Brandeis International Business School

Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions,and Energy Finance / Sustainability, Labor Economics, and Global Political Economy,

John W. Ballantine, Jr. is a specialist in energy/climate change, corporate finance, and political economy. He has taught finance, economics, and banking courses at Babson College and been a research associate at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. He was the Chief Financial Officer of a small start-up software company that raised over $1 million. Ballantine was also a senior consultant with the Financial Industries Division at Arthur D. Little, Inc., and a banker with Chase Manhattan Bank. He has published a number of articles about labor economics, the banking industry, financial crises, small business finance, politics/energy (Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran). He was Director of the MSF program for fifteen years at Brandeis International Business where he is focused on maintaining an energy finance / sustainability program at the school.

New York University, Ph.D.
University of Chicago, M.A.
Harvard University, B.A.


Awards & Honors:
  • (2006) Commonwealth of Massachusettes, Carlisle Democrat