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In the Spotlight: An Inside Look at Our Faculty

On paper, in the classroom and around the world, our faculty influence and impact global economic, finance and business communities.

Rob Carver, Senior Lecturer

"In my classroom, every problem we tackle is real. There are no answers in the back of the book."

Robert Carver, Senior Lecturer

Rob Carver has dedicated most of his professional career to data – mining it, managing it, analyzing it and deploying it to solve problems in business and society. Today, Carver teaches courses in business analytics, quantitative methods and statistics.

Stephen Cecchetti, Professor of International Economics

From Brandeis IBS to the BIS and back -- a global career in policymaking

Stephen Cecchetti, Professor of International Economics

Stephen Cecchetti is a renowned expert in monetary policy and financial regulation. As chief economist at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), he worked to formulate new financial regulatory standards aimed at ensuring global financial stability. He previously served as chief economist at the Federal Reserve of New York. Cecchetti is currently affiliated with the NBER and coauthors a blog on finance and economics.

Alice Hsiaw, Assistant Professor of Economics

It's not just about numbers. Learn from a specialist in behavioral economics.

Alice Hsiaw, Assistant Professor of Economics

Alice Hsiaw's research and teaching focuses on behavioral economics and applied microeconomic theory. Her recent papers have explored the juxtaposition of social interaction, goal-setting and self-control within the realm of consumer behavior. Hsiaw received her PhD from Princeton University.

Mike McKay, Adjunct Professor

"Teaching at Brandeis IBS is a fun and enlightening experience to learn about the world from my students."

Michael McKay, Senior Lecturer

Michael McKay joined Bain in 1987 and later became a founding partner in the firm’s private equity group. For the past five years, McKay has also served as an adjunct professor and is now a senior lecturer at Brandeis International Business School, where he has twice received the school’s teaching award.

Andy Molinsky, Professor of International Management and Organizational Behavior

"I love building connections with my students. Understanding something about their cultures helps me in that process."

Andy Molinsky, Professor of International Management and Organizational Behavior

For most of his career, Andy Molinsky has focused on helping people overcome the challenges of their cultural identities in the workplace. His new book, which will be published by Penguin Random House in 2017, is about learning to bravely and confidently step outside your comfort zone in everyday life.

Carol Osler, Professor

"When I teach, I try to keep the human experience front and center."

Carol Osler, Professor of International Economics and Finance

Since the day Carol Osler first set foot on Citibank’s trading floor in 1986, currency markets have captivated her. After earning her PhD from Princeton, Osler spent more than a decade at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.