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On the Bookshelf: Authors in Our Faculty Community

Our faculty are respected authors in their fields, with works ranging from textbooks to international research to award-winning best-sellers. Explore recent titles from our published faculty:

Preparing Data for Analysis with JMP

by Robert Carver

Preparing Data for Analysis with JMP by Robert Carver

"Analytics professionals know that the most arduous phase of a process happens after acquiring data and before actually analyzing it. Data must be cleaned, reconciled and otherwise prepared for analysis. It's the not-so-well-kept dark side of the exciting field of analytics: there's a lot of dirty work in our projects.Using JMP software from SAS, this book brings that dirty work to center stage, and demonstrates best practices as well as just enough theory for practitioners to get their data into shape for analysis."

Learn more about Robert's book and his work at Brandeis IBS

REACH: A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Rise to the Challenge, and Build Confidence

by Andy Molinsky

REACH by Andy Molinsky

"My goal with Reach is to help anyone take the thing they are most afraid of doing and make it a proud part of their personal repertoire."

Is it easy for you to deliver bad news? Do you look forward to speaking in public?  Do you enjoy networking?  Do you thrill to the idea of throwing out original ideas for criticism? If you answered no to any of these questions, this book can help.

Learn more about Andy's book and other work. 

Remix Strategy: The Three Laws of Business Combinations

by Benjamin Gomes-Casseres

Ben Gomes-Casseres' book

Alliances, partnerships, acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures are no longer exceptions in most businesses -- they are part of the core strategy. As companies look to external partners for acquiring even strategic resources and capabilities, they need a practical road map for ensuring these relationships generate value. 

Professor Ben Gomes-Casseres shares insights from decades of consulting and academic research on how companies create new value by "remixing" resources with other companies. 

Learn more about Ben's book and other work. 

Global Dexterity: How to Adapt Your Behavior Across Cultures Without Losing Yourself in the Process

by Andy Molinsky

Global Dexterity book by Andy Molinsky

"I wrote this book because I believe that there is a serious gap in what has been written and communicated about cross-cultural management and what people actually struggle with on the ground." 

Communicating with people from other cultures is an essential skill. Most of us collaborate with teams across borders and cultures on a regular basis, whether we spend our time in the office or out on the road. What's needed now is a critical new skill, something 

that Molinsky calls global dexterity. 

Learn more about Andy's book and other work. 

Reinventing State Capitalism: Leviathan in Business, Brazil and Beyond

by Aldo Musacchio and Sergio Lazzarini

Reinventing State Capitalism by Aldo Musacchio

"I wrote this book with Sergio G. Lazzarini for academics, policy makers and investors to help them understand the new forms of state ownership, in which the government partners with the private sector to create world-class companies that compete with the largest firms in the world."

Learn more about Aldo's book and about his current research and publications

Handbook on Trade and Development

by Ricardo Lopez, Oliver Morrissey and Kishor Sharma

Handbook on Trade and Development by Ricardo Lopez

This book provides an up-to-date overview of the main issues related to international trade and economic development and reviews the current understanding of major trade issues facing developing countries. It covers topics such as trade and poverty, trade and child labor, trade facilitation, preferences and firm performance. The volume should be of interest for academics and students interested in trade, development and policy making. 

Learn more about Ricardo's book and about his current work

Practical Data Analysis with JMP

by Robert Carver

Practical Data Analysis with JMP by Bob Carver

"This is a book for people who need to learn statistical methods, whether for school or on the job. JMP© is a professional software package produced by the SAS Institute that facilitates both the learning and the doing, and is suited to readers at many levels of experience. I wrote the book with undergraduate students in mind, but am pleased to know that it has also been adopted by industry trainers as well as university faculty."

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Introduction to Quantitative Finance: A Math Tool Kit

by Robert Reitano

Introduction to Quantitative Finance by Bob Reitano

From MIT Press: "This text offers an accessible yet rigorous development of many of the fields of mathematics necessary for success in investment and quantitative finance, covering topics applicable to portfolio theory, investment banking, option pricing, investment and insurance risk management. The objective is to provide a deep level of understanding of the relevant mathematical theory and tools that can then be effectively used in practice."

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