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Media Experts List: Faculty Leaders at Brandeis IBS

Edward Bayone, MA

EXPERTISE: Real Estate, Credit Risk, Country Risk, Leveraged Finance, International Properties, Specialization

Dan Bergstresser, PhD

EXPERTISE: Municipal Finance, Municipal Bonds, Taxation, Corporate Governance, Venture Capital, Fixed Income, Business Administration, Household Financial Behavior, Brokers, Mutual Funds, Activist Investors

Stephen Cecchetti, PhD

EXPERTISE: Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, Financial Economics, Banking, Financial Regulation, Credit, International Settlements, Economic Research

Edward Chazen, MBA

EXPERTISE: Capital Markets, Real Estate, Portfolio Management, Investment, Finance, and Development

Can Erbil, PhD

EXPERTISE: Turkey, International Trade, Economic Development, Economic Modeling, Business Immersion, Emerging Markets

More Media Experts  

Ben Gomes-Casseres, DBA

EXPERTISE: M&A, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, Business Partnerships, Business Strategy, Technology Strategy

Bruce Magid, PhD

EXPERTISE: Higher Education, Financial Markets, International Economics, Latin America, Regulation, Marketplaces

Andy Molinsky, PhD

EXPERTISE: Soft Skills, Global Dexterity, Cross-Cultural, Globalization, Psychology, Cultural Adaptation, Global Leadership, Organizational Behavior

Aldo Musacchio, PhD

EXPERTISE: Emerging Markets, State Capitalism, Corporate Governance, Corruption, Innovation in Emerging Markets

Debarshi Nandy, PhD

EXPERTISE: IPO’s, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurial Finance, Syndicated Loans, Hedge Funds, Corporate Finance, Twitter, Facebook

Detlev Suderow

EXPERTISE: International Strategic Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Executive Coaching, Executive Compensation, and Leadership Traits