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ALPFA at Brandeis IBS

IBS y ALPFA - school keeps strong ties with Latino business organization

ALPFA Chapter at Brandeis IBS

By Nancy Nguyen, '13
January 12, 2012

Brandeis International Business School (IBS) has always been distinguished by its diversity, particularly in terms of its worldly student body. The school has a long-standing relationship with the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA), a national professional association devoted to creating opportunities for Latinos in the accounting, finance and related professions.
Brandeis IBS boasts an active ALPFA chapter that works closely with the Hiatt Career Center and holds resume-building workshops, networking events and career fairs. On January 26 the Brandeis ALPFA chapter hosted “Launching Your Global Career,” a networking session with representatives from State Street Corporation, BYN Mellon Wealth Management and Tufts Health Plan, among other companies.

“The best way to get a job in this competitive market is by having some sort of connection with people that can get you jobs,” ALPFA member Alberto Lalo ’14  told the Brandeis Hoot. “That is what ALPFA does.”

Brandeis IBS Dean Bruce Magid agreed in a recent interview with ALPFA during which he discussed the challenges facing job seekers. “ALPFA plays a very important role in helping these students get a job where they will be able to pay for their debts,” said Magid, the Martin and Ahuva Gross Chair in Financial Markets and Institutions, who has also spoken at ALPFA’s previous national conventions.

New at Brandeis IBS this year is the Latin Club, which this fall was paid a visit by Honduran President Porfirio Lobo, who sat down with club members for nearly an hour to discuss issues in the global economy.

“President Lobo told us that in Latin America, leaders are needed to manage, develop and export the richness of the region to the rest of the world,” said Jaime Vergara MBA ‘12. “At Brandeis IBS we are the ambassadors of our countries, and it is our goal to show the value that we as Latinos have in Latin America.”