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Latin America Initiative in Mexico

New partnerships established in Mexico

Alfonso Canella

By Ema Kaminskaya MA ’14
November 30, 2012

Brandeis International Business School’s Latin America Initiative has been making great strides in Mexico recently.  This month the school has pledged to provide increased tuition assistance for Mexican master’s students through partnerships with the Fund for Human Resource Development (FIDERH) and the Mexican Foundation for Education, Technology and Science (FUNED).

Brandeis IBS and FIDERH will establish and administer a joint Loan-Tuition Fee Support Program to help talented Mexican students enroll in Master’s programs at IBS. Mexican students admitted to IBS may apply for FIDERH loans of up to 200,000 Mexican pesos (approximately $15,500 US dollars) per year. IBS, in turn, pledges to offer tuition discount rates of 10 to 75 percent per year. 

The program with FUNED will provide up to three admitted Mexican students with a scholarship covering up to 30 percent of tuition. As with FIDERH, Brandeis IBS pledges FUNED students tuition discount rates of 10 to 75 percent per year.

The newly established tuition assistance programs, which takes effect in September 2013, will strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of education between Mexico and the United States and promote stronger ties between Brandeis IBS, FIDERH and FUNED.

"All professors want excellent students, and all my students from Mexico have met this wish,” said professor Alfonso Canella. “With these agreements, I look forward to having more."

Readers wishing to contact Brandeis IBS about these programs should contact Matthew Magida at